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?Zhejiang Kangbeier Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. It is a comprehensive enterprise dedicated to providing users with safe, environmentally friendly, high-quality experimental and training equipment, logistics equipment, and teaching equipment for multiple stages of vocational education, general education K12, early childhood education, and other fields. It is committed to the research and development, production, sales, and service of these equipment.

Kangbeier Industrial Company is a member unit of the China Education Equipment Industry Association and a vice chairman unit of the Zhejiang Education Equipment Industry Association, The company is located in Jinhua City, located in the heart of Zhejiang. It currently has a production land of 55 acres, a production factory of 80000 square meters, and 260 personnel, including more than 50 research and development personnel. The company has advanced production and manufacturing equipment, strictly in accordance with national standards, producing safe, environmentally friendly, stable and reliable educational equipment products. Our products are sold to over 30 provinces nationwide and multiple overseas countries. From creating the first set of laboratory equipment to providing a comprehensive solution for teaching space, Kangbeier always adheres to the mission of "using technology to make teaching aids, enabling children's manual work, and helping China's future", and adheres to winning the trust of customers with scientific design, high-quality products, and perfect services. It continuously improves the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, provides more high-quality teaching products for the market, and creates a warm teaching and learning space. Relying on the supply chain advantages of quality assurance and long-term credit accumulation brought by independent production, the company actively carries out the integration of advantageous educational resources, cooperates with relevant departments of the Ministry of Education, Jinhua Municipal Government and Jindong District Government to build "Jinhua International Intelligent education industry City", focuses on building a perfect industrial layout of educational equipment, explores the service mode of personalized customization combined with integrated supply, and gradually forms customized, worry free supply High quality education industry ecology with fine quality and coordinated development.

?Kangbeier adheres to the corporate spirit of "self-improvement and virtue", wins the market with innovation, builds a brand with quality, continuously creates value for users, and becomes a trusted educational equipment ecological service provider. It contributes its own strength to the innovation of China's education and the development of the national economy.


Word of mouth originates from the continuous innovation and desire for personal success of each employee!

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